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This is what 1200 calories looks like

SNL "Gap Girls"


According to My Fitness Pal, an app I have been using to track my calorie intake and expenditure, a person of my age/size needs to achieve a balance of 1200 calories per day to lose 2 pounds per week. So for the past two weeks, I have been shooting for this number. If I don’t exercise that day, I need to stay at 1200. If I exercise, I can add the number of calories I burned into my allowance that day.

No problem, thought I, when I was in college I used to live on just Diet Coke, cigarettes, and the occasional granola bar. Piece of cake. 

Well someone is not in college anymore (and doesn’t smoke anymore). Apparently non-smoking grown-ups with jobs and children need to eat food, and even a 1200 calorie allowance has been tough.

Sample menu for one day:


  • Hard Boiled Egg – 70 calories
  • Banana – 110 calories


  • Homemade spaghetti with 3 turkey meatballs – 259 calories
  • Strawberries (1 cup) – 49 calories


  • Sabra hummus single cup – 150 calories
  • Carrot sticks – 14 calories
  • Costco Trail Mix (3 tbsp) – 150 calories


  • Extra lean pork tenderloin (8 oz) – 260 calories
  • Texas toast (1 slice) – 150 calories

Total: 1,212
And I’m STILL 12 calories over budget!

It’s been very eye opening to write everything down, especially since I thought I was eating healthy before. So far I have done an ok job with staying on track, except for the weekend my husband and I went on a little getaway to St. Simon’s Island and splurged on Zaxby’s, movie theatre popcorn and wine.

No results yet, though. Clothes are still fitting the same, thighs still annoyingly rubbing together during the long hike from work to the train. I did, however, wake up so sore from kickboxing this weekend I could barely walk. So I must be doing something right?