Shameless Baby Pics

Professional Pictures – 6 Months
Jess Fouts Photography

 Lucie, Jess Fouts Photography

Lucie family black & white, Jess Fouts Photography

Lucie, Jess Fouts Photography

Silly Faces

Lucie with Penguin at Georgia Aquarium

Lucie making funny face in high chair

Baby Lucie and dog making funny face

Baby Lucie funny face

Beach Trip (7 Months)
Cape San Blas, FL 

Baby Lucie on the Beach

Baby Lucie at Cape San Blas

Baby Lucie and I at Cape San Blas

Lucie’s Second Year

Baby at Braves game

Lucie at her first Brave’s game

Baby Lucie Crying with Santa

Ho Ho…NO. Christmas 2012

Taking a bath at Mimi's

Taking a bath at Mimi’s

Baby Lucie Ladybug Costume

It’s a Lucie-bug!

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