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Lucie Olivia Turns One

My baby came into the world one year ago, Friday. A year ago today, Ken and I would have just been just getting home from the hospital and adjusting to life with a newborn. The first few months seem like a blur of diaper changes, sleepless nights, and spit-up stains. I blinked, and then somehow she was already smiling, sitting up, and developing a personality.

“She’s such a…person,” Ken still often comments in amazement. She now has a full-fledged mind of her own, a strong will, sense of humor and intense curiosity about her. Every little thing she does is amazing. Sometimes we will be sitting in the living room watching a movie, and then I’ll realize that I haven’t been watching the movie but staring at Lucie for the past half hour and smiling as she cruises around on the furniture and entertains herself with random objects (usually not her actual toys).

What’s also amazing is the amount of love in her life. We have the most amazing family and friends. They have showered her with love and gifts since she was in the womb. Even people who we hadn’t seen in a long time or didn’t know that well were eager to help welcome her into the world with gifts and kind words.

I try to make a lot of compilation videos in iMovie so that I’m actually doing something with the footage and pictures of her that I collect, so here is one that I made for her first birthday. My sister and her husband Josh also surprised us the morning of her birthday with a sweet birthday video since they couldn’t be there to celebrate with us. It was so sweet they took the time to do that.

Birthday party post to follow soon – consider this the sentimental post 🙂

My shister is the shizzle

Why My Sister Rocks, A Mom Apart

My little sister Caroline was kind enough to create an entire post on her blog to give my blog a shout-out. She said I was trying to hide this blog from her but I really wasn’t. She is always doing nice things like that. Her blog is way cooler, because she and her husband (A) actually go on road trips and do lots of interesting things and (B) she is actually a good photographer.

It was their FOURTH anniversary yesterday, and you’ll never find a better couple in matching Chacos.

I miss my sister all the time now that she lives in Austin, especially since she is the best aunt ever and Lucie adores her. Besides being an amazing aunt, here are some other reasons why Caroline rocks:

  • She is naturally beautiful. I have never ever seen a bad picture of this girl – yet she’s not one of those people who obsesses over makeup or clothes. There is just something about her that is radiant, and you can’t say that about just anyone.
  • She is adventurous. She and her husband took off and moved to Portland a few years ago just cause they felt like it. And it’s pretty cool.
  • She is definitely NOT a “J.” My Myers-Briggs type is ESTJ, which basically means I am an ass. The part I hate most about it is the J, which means “Judging.” Now I don’t know what her type is, but I guarantee there is no J involved. She has nothing but love for everyone, which is why she has more friends than pretty much anyone.
  • One time when she was probably like 2 and could barely even walk, my dumb ass almost set the yard on fire but she put it out. True story!
  • She is thoughtful. All the time.

I love you, LiLi!