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Got my Stitch Fix!

The ever-so-stylish gals at my company have what they call “Fashion Fridays.” Something magical happens on these days. They receive boxes from a startup company called Stitch Fix. These boxes are filled with clothes. Not just random clothes – clothes that are hand-picked to fit their personal styles.

Ermahgerd. I had to try it.

After about three weeks on the wait list, I finally received my “Welcome to Stitch Fix” e-mail. I completed a survey that asked my size, body type, clothing/designer preferences, and price range. Then paid $20. I thought I was being sooo sneaky, by the way, having clothes sent to me at work. Unfortunately that accountant husband of mine caught on to my little plan and the conversation went like this.

Stitch Fix text

MY box arrived yesterday, the same day we had a major client in town for a presentation. I mentioned to my boss during a break in the presentation that my Stitch Fix shipment was sitting on my desk and I couldn’t wait to open it. So in a strange turn of events, she talked my into opening the box in the conference room in front of my co-workers and the client.

Well, we all liked what we saw – well, at least the women in the room who were paying attention. Here’s a breakdown of what arrived in this box of wonders:

1. Blu Pepper Jewel Embroidered Bib Sheer Tank – $40

Blu Pepper White Bib Tank from Stitch Fix

I really loved this one – who couldn’t use a super versatile white top with pretty embroidered details?

2. Lovposh Ophelle Short Sleeve Shirtdress – $52

Lovposh Ophelle Short Sleeve Shirtdress from Stitch Fix

This one was my least favorite, but I didn’t hate it. It actually looked better on. The pattern is a vintage-y cotton pattern.

3. Amour Vert Chartes V-Neck Cotton Tunic Dress – $75

Amour Vert Striped Tunic Dress from Stitch Fix

This one looks like a giant frumpy shirt hanging up, but it looked great on. It’s not Kardashian-tight, but definitely not loose either. I thought the v-neck was flattering. I almost bought this one, but I couldn’t really justify the $75.

4. Collective Concepts Tenaya Sleeveless Pleated Dress – $65

Pleated Paisley Dress from Stitch Fix

I felt like they really nailed my style with this one – earthy, yet girly. Neutral colors. Modest and versatile. You could easily wear this dress during the spring / summer with some strappy sandals or flats, or during the fall with a blazer and boots. I actually wore it the next day at work. I got a lot of “Oh, that’s the dress you got yesterday!” It was pretty bizarre and hilarious.

5. Skinny by Jessica Elliot Enamel Wide Band Ring – $32

Turquoise enamel ring from Stitch Fix

Finally, there’s this super blurry turquoise enamel ring. It was cute. I’m not really a huge accessories person though.

Overall I think they did an excellent job “styling” me! I am limiting my shipments to once a month so I don’t go overboard, but I already can’t wait until the next one. I think it’s the thrill of opening the box.