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A Couples’ Barbecue Baby Shower

Earlier this summer, Ken and I hosted a couples’ baby shower for some of our closest friends. Hosting a couples’ baby shower is a little tricky. When most people think “baby shower,” they picture a women-only affair with petit fours, tea cups, games and potentially even a few gross-out birth stories. We wanted to do something fun that everyone would enjoy – dudes included.

Baby Barbecue Shower Invitations from Zazzle

I immediately fell in love with these invitations from Zazzle, because they had a vintage look that didn’t look overly frou frou (they make a blue version as well). This design worked well, since the mommy-to-be is a talented artist and printmaker who likes vintage prints.

While I didn’t make the invitations myself, I did try to get crafty in a few other ways. I actually made my own diaper cake that didn’t turn out half bad (if I do say so myself). It was easier (or maybe I should say “harder to screw up”) than I thought.

Diaper Cake for Couples Baby Shower

I also made a “temper tantrum hot sauce” favor myself. My graphic design friends at work made fun of me when they saw me trying to create a design for it using Keynote, but design challenges aside, they weren’t too hard to make. Ipicked up some bottles of hot sauce from the grocery, soaked them in hot soapy water, and scrubbed with a steel brush to remove the labels. Then, I applied our own labels, which were just printed mailing labels with the new design on them. Twine added a nice touch.

Hot Sauce Barbecue Baby Shower FavorTo avoid a repeat of the last-minute chaos and stress from Lucie’s first birthday (where I made my own cupcakes and food), I ordered some pull-apart cupcakes from Publix. They were a pretty big hit, and very budget-friendly too. We had the barbecue catered from Fat Matt’s (I highly recommend them).

Baby Shower Hot Sauce Favor

It miraculously stopped raining for the exact window of time the shower was supposed to happen, so we were able to have it outside as planned! We skipped the cheesy shower games and brought out the cornhole game. We made sure we had plenty of beer and bottled water to go around, and decorated using a clothesline and some of Lucie’s old baby onesies. We also got balloons and disposable plates/cups/utensils from the dollar store, which helped with the budget.

Overall, I think it was a great success. Best of all, little Heidi was born a few weeks later and we’ve loved watching her grow these past few months.