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An easy diaper cake tutorial

Last weekend, I decided to do something I don’t normally do – I crafted. We are throwing a baby shower for our good friends, and in my mind a diaper cake is the perfect centerpiece to a great shower. After discovering that it costs upwards of $90 to buy one (yikes), I decided to try my hand at making one and it didn’t turn out half bad!

Trying to find a tutorial online for a simple diaper cake proved to be more challenging than I imagined, so I ended up sort of making up my own process and thought it might be useful for others who just want a basic, easy-to-make design.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pampers Swaddlers Diapers – Only because this brand is mostly plain white, and I didn’t want cartoons on my diaper cake. I bought two 31-count packs, and used almost all of them. I decided on size 2, since they grow out of the smaller sizes so fast.
  • Rubber Bands – One pack with multiple sizes
  • Glue – I used hot glue, but fabric glue would work.
  • Thick Ribbon – A cute design, of course.
  • A bottle of wine – If you don’t want to use wine, you could use two baby bottles or two bottles of baby powder stacked together.
  • A big platter – Anything sturdy and large enough to hold the entire cake.
  • Little “Surprises” – Baby stuff to decorate the outside of the cake. I used wrist rattles, socks, and a small animal teething toy. I also used store-bought cutout decorations.
  • Flowers – Real or artificial will work. You’ll need some wire cutters if using artificial.


Step 1: Place your bottle of wine (or whatever you choose to use for the center) on the platter. I like the wine idea – it’s a much-needed treat for the new mom as she begins to use her diaper cake 🙂 You could also use empty baby bottles stacked on top one another and glued together. I have also heard of using cardboard paper towel rolls.

Step 2: Begin rolling up your diapers. You’ll want to roll from back (tab side) to front, and roll them as neatly as possible so that it looks more or less like a cylinder. Secure each diaper with a rubber band in the middle; try not to wrap it too tightly, as you’ll want to try and keep that cylinder shape.

diaper cake 4

Step 3: Put a skinny rubber band around the center (wine bottle, baby bottles, or whatever). Start lining the diaper rolls around the center, securing with the rubber band. You’ll be covering the rubber bands with ribbon, so try to keep the rubber band toward the center and as even as possible. Try to make them as even as possible, and make sure the “seam” of each faces toward the middle. Once the first layer is done, add a second layer and then a third, using that same rubber band to hold them together.

diaper cake first layer

Step 4: After making sure that the top of the first tier is as even as it can get, do the exact same steps to create a second tier above the first. This tier will only contain two layers of diaper rolls. Now, you should only see the very top of the wine bottle.

Step 5: Now it starts to get fun. Wrap ribbon around the center of each tier, securing with glue; glue the ribbon together at the ends, but don’t glue the ribbon to the diaper part. It should stay put if it’s tight enough. This should cover up all the rubber bands.

diaper cake second layer

Step 6: Decorate! I bought some lightweight wooden bug and flower cutouts, and glued them on to the ribbon. I also took baby socks and shaped them into the shape of roses, tucking them into the diaper cake. You can tuck in little “surprises” like baby toys, pacifiers, rattles, teethers, etc. – I used wrist rattles. For the top of the cake, I bought 5 large artificial sunflowers and cut off all but about 4 inches of the stem. I tucked them into the top around the wine bottle top, and arranged them so they looked even. Then I topped it with a cute little elephant teether!

diaper cake decorations


diaper cake decorations


I am still trying to find more easy ideas for “Baby-Que” party crafts and decorations, but I can’t give them all away just yet. Please stay tuned in a few weeks for the baby shower recap!